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Watch Kidnapped Father Of Luis Diaz Break Down After Seeing His Son Score

Luis Diaz scores twice in an emotional victory over Brazil

Luis Diaz Sr

Colombian soccer star Luis Diaz’s father, just days after being released by kidnappers, was moved to tears after witnessing his son score two goals for Colombia, a video posted to Twitter shows.

Both Diaz’s mother and his father were kidnapped in late October in northern Colombia by a guerilla group known as the National Liberation Army, or ELN. Armed members of the ELN nabbed the pair at a gas station while riding motorcycles. Local police rescued his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, immediately but were unable to locate his father as quickly.

After a 12 day ordeal and multiple public pleas from the younger Diaz, the ELN released his father claiming his kidnapping was a “mistake.” Colombian authorities apparently arrested four in connection to the incident.

The pair were reunited Nov 14 just in time for the elder Diaz to see his son score twice in a World Cup qualifier on the evening of Nov 16. Luis Manuel Diaz, dressed in his son’s jersey, can be seen collapsing into fellow spectators following his son’s goal, clearly overcome with emotion. The proud father wept with tears of joy after seeing his son help Colombia defeat Brazil in the qualifier match, something they hadn’t done in 15 games.

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