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Panini Vs. Topps: What Went Wrong with the Euros Sticker Book Debacle?

Panini and topps euro sticker books

Topps, the American trading card company, secured the rights from Panini in 2022 to become UEFA’s exclusive sticker partner for Euro 2024 in Germany.

However, the transition hasn't been smooth and fans are upset.

Reports surfaced of notable absentees like England's Phil Foden and John Stones from Topps' official sticker album.

Panini still holds certain team and player rights, limiting Topps' selections, and resulting in the inclusion of lesser-known players like Luke Thomas for England (He plays for Championship side Middlesbrough, on loan from Leicester).

Despite Panini's diminished role, they continue to produce their own version of the album, albeit with fewer slots compared to Topps.

The two separate books could cost collectors nearly $250. Panini's album completion could cost around $85, while Topps' could total near $150.

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