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Tottenham's Levy says Mourinho, Conte Hires Were A "Mistake"

Spurs owner shares his regrets.

Tottenham ex-managers Mourinho and Conte

We all make mistakes. But Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has made some big ones latest.

He now says it was a "mistake" to hire Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte as managers, adding that the Premier League club "needed to go back to its roots" with new boss Ange Postecoglou.

In March, former Juventus coach Conte became the second coach with several winners' medals to leave the north London side in little more than three years.

They also sacked Mourinho two years ago after the Portuguese was brought in to replace the hugely popular Mauricio Pochettino.

Levy has been under fire in the past, with some Spurs fans blaming the 61-year-old for the club not winning any silverware since 2008.

"I want to win just as much as everybody else," Levy said at a fan forum. "The frustration of not winning and the pressure from maybe some players and a large element of the fan base that we need to win, we need to spend money, we need to have a big manager, a big name. And it affected me."

"They [Mourinho and Conte] are great managers, but maybe not for this club," Levy added. "For what we want, we want to play a certain way and if that means it has to take a little bit longer to win, maybe it's the right thing for us.

"And that's why bringing Ange in was, from my viewpoint, exactly the right decision."

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