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Steve Bruce Demands West Brom Players Live Locally - But Has Different Rules For Himself

Cabbage Patch Kid Hypocrisy.

Steve Bruce wants players on his West Bromwich team to move within an hour of the training ground.

Speaking at a press conference, the former Newcastle gaffer made clear that he thought West Brom have “too many” players travelling in from a distance, and suggested that distance will impact their play.

However Bruce, who currently lives in Cheshire, about 2 hours drive from West Brom - argued that managers "usually get sacked", so he shouldn't be forced to move.



Either he's preparing for a sacking next winter, or he's really just a massive hypocrite. Neither scenario is great if you're an Albion fan.

To quote the cabbage patch kid himself: "It doesn’t work with managers. When we sign a contract we usually get sacked. I have put forward what I would like to do next year – that is a rebuild of the squad. And the players that are here – along with the ones we bring in – have got to commit. We have too many people travelling. Professional athletes shouldn’t be spending three or four hours a day in a car. It catches up with you and probably takes a little bit of your career. You can have an apartment around the area. But you have to be here the majority of the week.”

Bruce came to West Brom in February. At the time, West Brom were sixth in the Championship and had a shot at reaching Premier League football. They are currently 13th.

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