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Old Trafford In Decay: Concrete Ceiling Falls On Fans

The once iconic stadium is falling into disrepute.

Crumbling Old Trafford

Manchester United fans were in for a shock when part of the Old Trafford ceiling fell on them during a recent game.

Manchester United Women suffered a tough defeat on derby day as they lost 3-1 to Manchester City Women. And to pile on the misery for the home fans, parts of the stadium's concrete roof were reportedly falling down on supporters.

Taking to X, a fan wrote: 'If you ever need further proof that Old Trafford is indeed Falling Down...Block N2401 ceiling parts fell on 2 supporters at the ladies' game today....absolute shit show.'

United fans have been hoping for refurbishment on their historic stadium, or a move to a new one, for some time.

The roof has been leaking for years and is a constant source of amusement for rival fans who enjoy rubbing in the dire condition this once historic stadium has fallen into.

Man U really need new owners to put proper investment into the stands.


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