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Messi says PSG never honored him for Argentina World Cup win

He took that personally.

Messi with Argentina and PSG

Lionel Messi said he resents not having been recognized by Paris Saint-Germain for his World Cup win, especially as all of his Argentina teammates were honored by their own clubs.

Messi scored twice in the final and also converted a penalty in the shootout as Argentina won 4-2 on penalties against France at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Regarding his return to Paris after the World Cup, Messi told ESPN: "I was the only player of the 25 that didn't get a [club] recognition."

He then added: "It was understandable ... because of us [Argentina], they [France] didn't retain the World Cup."

Messi, who left PSG in June after his contract expired, found it difficult to adapt to Paris and admitted there was a "fracture with a significant group of the PSG fans" during his two seasons at the club.

Asked whether he would have liked not to have moved to Paris, Messi said: "It happened like that. It was not what I expected, but I always say things happen for a reason. Even if I wasn't well there, it happened that I was world champion while I was there."

Messi now says he's enjoying his football and his life at Inter Miami.

"I love what I do, I enjoy playing, and now it's a different way," the former Barcelona star added in the interview for Granados' "Soné que volaba" program broadcast on his YouTube channel. "That is why I made the decision to come to Miami and not continue my career elsewhere: you experience it a different way."

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