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Martial to Newcastle: A Loan That Is Truly A Win Win!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Newcastle's new owners have kicked the tires and are ready to get started in their first transfer market.

The first bit of spending appears to be a conservative, yet wise loan of Anthony Martial. The astrabged Man U forward who has clearly lost hope of a spot in the United Squad. This move makes sense for everyone involved.

For starters, Newcastle have been in contention in most of their games this season, just truly lacking a reliable striking force. For a reasonable 6 mil instead of splashing the the 100+ mil on purchasing a striker will give Newcastle potentially a high yielding investment in Martial.

Martial, 26 years old has score in 56 games in 176 caps for the Red Devils. Martial at 26 will have accomplished more than pretty much most of the floundering Newcastle squads combined careers. For starters he has won a World Cup, he's played in big games, and he scores goals, pretty much one in three games the striker is finding the net. That's typically coming off of the bench.

For United, a player who for a few reasons is not going to see the field, has requested a transfer. Due to lack of playing time and just the reality he will not win a spot over the likes of Rashford, Ronaldo, Greenwood, and Co. It makes sense to offload him temporarily on loan. He will get a ton of minutes, be will get the lime light and his stock is likely to go through the roof. Clearly this is a win win!


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