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CONCACAF changes the rules half way through World Cup Qualifying.

A bizarre decision has been made in Concacaf has decided now is the time to introduce VAR to the remaining World Cup Qualifiers.

In a conference that has been riddled with odd happenings of the likes of Mexico after the final whistle in the Frozen Tundra (Canada), and more knocks and fouls that didn't get called throughout the previous 8 games. It's likely that the addition of VAR will benefit the US and Canada significantly more then the rest of the pack.

The decision to protect the players will certainly be greatly appreciated for Pulisic fans, and will separate out a lot of the scrappy play. The logic there is fine, it's more why now? An inconsistent qualifying process just seems wrong, mid qualifying you're changing the rules? Just seems like some will benefit more than others.

The reason for the late introduction is largely due to the timing to get enough Referees VAR trained, in order to effectively manage the rest of the qualifiers. This makes sense...but why couldn't this just wait until the conclusion of the World Cup.

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