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Bukayo Saka Says This Is The Best Player He's Faced

A surprising pick for his toughest opponent.

Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka claims Sergio Busquets is the best player that he has played against, according to an interview with GQ Style magazine.

The 20-year-old, who is quickly becoming one of the Premier League's youngest stars revealed a lot about himself in his feature, including what music he listens to in the car with his girlfriend.



The England international sported a number of different looks, but what perhaps caught the eye of most, is the surprise of Busquets being the top player he has played against.

Saka hailed the defensive midfielder Busquets as 'elite', although he has faced a number of top talents already in his short career.

The winger played against the Barcelona and Spain midfielder in a pre-season friendly in August 2019 when he realized his ability.

"Sergio Busquets, the way he just so elegantly turned me! I came at him to press him, I tried to fake this side then go to the other, and the way he just embarrassed me. I was just like, yeah, this guy is elite."

Saka also revealed in his interview with GQ that two of his favorite artists are Central Cee and Ed Sheeran.

He tends to listen to the latter with his rumored girlfriend Tolami Benson while driving, although the pair have not even made their relationship public, and have tried to keep it under wraps on social media.

"When I'm in the car with my girl, we listen to Ed Sheeran!"


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