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What's Going On At Chelsea?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

With Chelsea's recent not-so-expected dominant form we have taken a closer look into the happenings in the Chelsea clubhouse.

Two recent developments appear to be going on. With Pulisic finally at 100 % from his covid experience and his knock on his ankle. We are seeing him returning to a starting lineup. With this reintroduction, Tuchel is changing the way Chelsea is playing.

The impact of this new style and the competing striker is an unhappy Lukaku. Recently Lukaku has come forward expressing his displeasure with the new 'style' Tuchel is pushing for. Largely, because it is not working. Lukaku is still showing a dominant form and statements surrounding hopes to be back at Inter sooner rather than later just go to show the grass is not always greener.

While this isn't clear here's the issue there is certainly trouble brewing in the Swift Kicks' premiership favorites clubhouse. Dropped points mean too much with Man City in their current form.

Tuchel has labeled Lukaku's statements as unhelpful and unproductive.

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