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Wayne Rooney Shows Some Things Are Bigger Than The Prem!

The former England striker has made a "one of kind" decision.

Wayne Rooney was offered an opportunity of a lifetime - An opportunity to return to his boyhood club Everton.

Sources say, the Manchester United top Goal Scorer, was offered the Everton job for the taking.

Currently Wayne Rooney is managing Derby County.

Derby have faced a 21 point disciplinary penalty, making relegation seem likely.

Since that penalty was handed down, Wayne Rooney has led Derby to 15 points.

While still sitting in the drop zone Derby appear to be determined to change the fate of the club by avoiding relegation.

It is this task that Rooney has deemed to be bigger then returning to Everton.

The man has declined an opportunity to disembark from a burning ship for a super yacht.

Wayne Rooney truly is one of a kind.

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