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Wayne Rooney Apologizes For Hotel Pics With Young Party Girls

Wayne Rooney has apologized to his family and Derby County over images which emerged from a drunken night out.

"I want to move forward on this."

Rooney's apology to Derby came after fears his managerial job was on a knife edge after the images were shared on Sunday.

Rooney now reportedly owns the copyright on the images that showed him passed out in a chair as girls took pics in their underwear in a £60-a-night room in Manchester last Saturday. One flashed her bottom next to the Derby County boss and then posted it online, captioning it 'Mooney Rooney.'

Rooney was quizzed by officers after his representatives made formal complaint of blackmail to police. A spokesperson said 'Officers have spoken to the person involved and are satisfied that no offences have taken place'.

The former Manchester United legend told Sky Sports: “I made a mistake. I went to a private party with two of my friends. From me, I would like to apologize to my family and the club for the images which were going round. I want to move forward on this. I’m grateful to Derby County for giving me this opportunity to get this club back to where it belongs. I will do everything in my power to do that.”

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