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VAR - The Reboot Is Coming!

The Premier League has announced a major revision coming to the 2021/22 season.

Primarily the revamp coming will be looking at Penalties. Last Seasons new VAR brought about a record 125 penalties over the season. After discussing with clubs and referees we should see the decision put back in the hands of refs for PKs. The spot kick will be awarded based on 'contact' and 'what the contact's impact on play was'. So in theory no more of a trailing hand catching a player in the earlobe, player ends up going down like a sack of potatoes and winning the game. It will be for real fouls... finally.

The other major overhaul is VAR will still keep the benefit of the doubt with the strikers. Meaning referees are giving the player the benefit of the doubt they're onside and letting VAR course correct the call if they are infact offsides. The huge change for the better is in the 20/21 season, the camera would go down to a view of 1 pixel. Resulting in Harry Kane's pinky toenail being offsides once or twice. This year (21/22) we will see a wider view with just a line across the backline picking up on more blatant calls and leaving out some of the ridiculous ones we were beginning to get accustomed to.

It is promising to see the introduction of VAR being evaluated as the game evolved with it. I am still concerned that we are taking the art of a live performance away from the sport. Anti-VAR but pro protecting the players...VAR is here to stay...unfortunately.

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