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Trash Takes Week 5/6

The lads are back with more crap takes.... I mean trash takes. I said what I said.

The week 4 recap shows Ben is the only one with a real nose for the trash.

Alex (1-2) - Aston Villa to beat West Ham ❌️

Ben (3-0 the champ is here)- Brighton to Beat America's team Leeds! ✅️

Nate (0-3) - Jesse 'The Messiah' Marsch to lead Leads to victory over Brighton. ❌️

Steve (0-3) - Southhampton to beat Manchester United ❌️

Summarizing the week 4 picks with a fashionable dance..

Alex (1-3) - Fulham to beat Tottenham.

Ben (3-0 the champ is here)- Leeds to beat Brentford

Nate (0-4) - West Ham over Chelsea ***this might be the betters choice of the week! At +460 and underwhelming Chelsea and a slowly gaining momentum West Ham this could be a big win! 🤑

Steve (0-4) - Leeds to beat Everton. L...oh...L the immaculate season continues.

For Leeds Fulham and West Ham all win a parlay it pays out +12770. Get after it!

Can the lads get more right pics this week?

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