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Trash Takes Week 4

Week 3 of the Prem is behind us and so is the Swift Kicks 3rd week of trash takes. The 3rd week brought Alex popping his cherry this season with his first correct pick, and been still undefeated...surely his luck will run out!

  • Alex (0-2) - Leeds🇱🇷 Over Chelsea ✅️

  • Ben (2-0 the champ is here)- Brighton to Beat West Ham ✅️

  • Nate (0-2) - "Bournemouth beats Arsenal...Screw it!" ❌️

  • Steve (0-2) - Brighton to Draw West Ham❌️

Can the boys finally hit a 3 game parlay or are they destined for the trahiest of trash takes in week 4?

Alex (1-2) - Aston Villa to beat West Ham

Ben (3-0 the champ is here)- Brighton to Beat America's team Leeds!

Nate (0-3) - Jesse 'The Messiah' Marsch to lead Leads to victory over Brighton.

Steve (0-3) - Southhampton to beat Manchester United.

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