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Trash Takes Week 3

After a week of 3 misses in the Swift Kicks Lads' predictions, they are back at it! See how you fare in your takes in week three. Week 2 saw United being unpredictable, Villa taking their woes out on Newcastle and a lot more is known about the rest of the league coming out of week 2.

Alex- While Cristiano Ronaldo Reports to new hire onboarding the rest of the club looks for redemption against Wolves. United is currently showing a lack of consistency and Wolves look like it is a matter of time before they score in droves. Alex is predicting both teams take away with 1 point in this draw. (Alex 0-2)

Steve- In their first year participating in the Premier League Brentford sits unbeaten after two, will they maintain this course? Meanwhile, Villa's 50/50 start has shown the club may be focusing more on the closing of the transfer market than their opponents. With their eyes on midfielder Axel Witsel will they be able to conjure up 3 points? Steve does not think so, both teams to share a point at this one as well. Brentford have proven they can score goals and a draw will keep them undefeated in the top flight. (Steve 0-2)

Ben- Bruce is back with the fire quotes in the media and that's usually a sign the results are coming! Newcastle have struggled to find their form, after blowing a lead twice opening against the Hammers, and then a stern lesson given to them by Villa, Bruce looks to crawl out of the hole that he has been hiding in at home against St Marys. Southhampton was lucky to finish against Man United with a point last week. Ben's take...Newcastle will put them back in their rightful place, Toon Army to get the full 3 points. (Ben 1-1)

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