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Trash Takes week 2

Week 2 still has a lot of unknowns coming up this weekend, with 2 of the 3 newly promoted teams coming off of opening day victories, can they continue their run in form? See the Swift Kicks upsets and calls for this week!

Alex- Leeds bouncing back after a rough opening day and beating a potentially flukey Everton. (Alex's record 0-1 on takes)

Steve- The grieving period for Aston Villa is not yet over, as they mourn the loss of Jack Grealish they can anticipate another loss headed their way in the form of the Toon Army. Newcastle to take the cake against Villa. (0-1)

Ben- It's about to be not so sunny in sunny Brighton this weekend. Newly promoted and with goals to back up their confidence we can expect Watford to walk away with 3 points in their first home Premier League game of the season. (1-0).

Think you have some takes worth sharing drop us a comment below and see how you match up against the Swift Kicks lads.

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