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The Premier League Title Race Is Wide Open in 2023/24

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Swift Kicks makes their predictions for the promising new season.

Premier League Trophy

It's that time of year again, where everyone looks at the Premier League table, neatly lined up in alphabetical order, and tries to take a stab at figuring out who will end up where when all is said and done on May 19, 2024.

So can Manchester City repeat as Premier League champion for a fourth time? Something that hasn’t been done since -- ever?

Below you’ll find the way too early Premier League predictions from the Swift Kicks crew, as well as our best guesses at who will drop down to the Championship.

Alex's Top 6: Man U, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Newcastle, Liverpool.

Alex's Bottom 3: West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Luton Town


Ben's Top 6: Man City, Newcastle, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham

Ben's Bottom 3: Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Luton Town


Nate's Top 6: Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Man U

Nate's Bottom 3: Wolves, Luton Town, Nottingham Forest


Steve's Top 6: Man City, Man U, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Newcastle

Steve's Bottom 3: Fulham, Nottingham Forest, Everton


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