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The Premier League’s Actual Ted Lasso

The fictional American soccer coach is actually at Manchester United.

[SWIFT KICKS] Another day, another report of frustrated players at Manchester United.

The latest aggravation is targeted at substitute teacher Ralf Rangnick, better known as Thor: Ragnorak, for his reported “old fashioned” training sessions and methods.

Turns out though that most of those training sessions are being held by his assistant Chris Armas, a former MLS player and coach.

Some players are apparently calling him Ted Lasso. The eccentric American brought in to sabotage fictional side AFC Richmond in the Apple TV comedy show.



It’s a great show. And honestly, pretty funny that Man U’s players would call Armas that. It kind of seems like one of those training ground jokes used to build bonds. But since results of late haven’t been great (an FA cup loss to Middlesbrough, and a draw to bottom of the Prem Burnley) – it’s starting to seem more like a bad joke.

Here's what Rangnick had to say about it all:

Armas once played for the USMNT, but has never coached outside North America before being brought on as Rangnick’s number 2 in December. His last job was with Toronto FC, where he was fired after winning 2 of 15 games in charge. Take from that what you will.

Despite the jokes and misgivings, Man U have conceded 9 goals in Rangnick’s 12 matches in charge. That’s compared to 24 goals given up under Solskjaer’s last 12 matches before he was let go.

They just can’t seem to score. Perhaps United’s player just need to follow Ted Lasso’s mantra: Believe.


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