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Swift Kicks Picks a a top 6!

The Swift Kicks Crew Called it! Drop your top 6 in the comments section and we will review at the end of the season!

Steve's Picks

Hey it’s Steve, and this is my Top 6 predictions for the 22/23 Premier League season:

  1. Man City, retaining their crown as long as main man Haaland is firing on all cylinders and

  2. Chelsea. I really have no reason for this and in hindsight feel like I should’ve put them lower. But I made the call and I cannot go back now.

  3. Liverpool. Klopp and Co. could probably finish higher than this. Could also maybe finish lower? So they’ll stay here.

  4. Tottenham. Conte silently brooding and assembling an army to overtake the Prem? Perhaps not quite, but a strong 4th place finish wouldn’t be terrible.

  5. Arsenal. Least confident about this one. I would say this should be their lowest finish this year, is fifth. I think Arteta is up to something… watch this space.

  6. Man Utd. A wildcard of dumpster fire. Could be 3rd, could be 13th. Who knows these days? Definitely not me.

Nate's Picks

  1. Liverpool: Despite losing mane, webe brought in a central striker for the first time under Klopp that seems to be bringing immediate success. We have that dog in us.

  2. City: always destined to be either first or second, letting sterling zinchenko and Jesus go without bringing in proven prem replacements may cost them. Pep on his way out next year?

  3. Arsenal: Jesus finally being the main man up front already seems to be reaping rewards for arsenal. Not totally convinced about odegaard wearing the armband but this squad seems to finally have enough experience and cohesion, which has lacked in years past.

  4. Tottenham: Goes without saying the lethality of Kane And Son, and as long as the back 3 can hold up their end of the deal to they can squeeze into the top 4 again.

  5. Chelsea: after the turmoil of the Abramovich departure and the clear lack of strategy in the transfer market, I see Chelsea missing top 4 this year. But, bringing in Sterling and the tactical prowess of Tuchel will keep them in the top 5 this year.

  6. West Ham: with no serious departures this summer and the underdog nature of David moyes, west ham is my wild card to make the last European spot.

Alex's Picks

  1. Arsenal-  Potentially a premature pick. This young Arsenal squad will be fighting for titles. And if things go well, there’s the possibility it happens this season. Gabriel Jesus may be a transformational signing, and his former Man City teammate Oleksandr Zinchenko is also a top addition. Arsenal looks like a much more complete side than it did a year ago. Whether they can keep a cohesive club room and stay healthy will determine how they go after city and Liverpool. 

  2. Liverpool Always a bridesmaid. Liverpool are sure to go on an unprecedented win streak at some point. But it will likely fall short. A World Cup year could take a toll on some of their star players and take the steam out of a final title push

  3. Man City  Pep’s side has lost a few key members and the gaffer looks a little disinterested in the pursuit of another league title. The addition of Haaland appears to be a ploy for champions league glory. Look for them to focus their efforts there. 

  4. Tottenham Conte has his team fired up and ready for a top 4 finish. Their front 3 is potent, more so with Harry Kane not having spent the summer looking for the exits. That United pursuit of a goal will take them to champions league. 

  5. Chelsea Let’s not forget the blues won the champions league two seasons ago. You can’t count them out totally. Sterling is a strong signing, but unless he turns out a 20+ goal season it’s tough to see them return to the top 4. Look for Pulisic to leave if that happens and he has a good World Cup .

  6. Newcastle What a season it could be for the toon. If the goals flow like they did at the end of last season then Eddie Howe’s men will do well to make Europe next season - leading to more recruitment gains and another building block in the teams rebuild. 

Ben's Picks

  1. Liverpool - the Klopp flop is over! Nunez and the big Mo will not come in second this year. Liverpool have been building a defensive foundation to build on and the ability to finally sin in big games will give Liverpool the edge they nerd to take the first real title this year. (Last one had an astrix because of covid).

  2. Manchester City - I'm questioning the hunger of Man City to stay focused through the year. As Europe, a World Cup, and other tournaments start to take City's attention I don't see City having the drive to win it this year. Haaland is a monster and will put up big numbers but can he do it in the clutch?

  3. Manchester United - Man U will likely have a rough start to the season, finding their groove. Now this won't be an Arsenal circa 2021, more so a failure to launch to make them competitive at the end. Expect a mix of odd losses and underdog wins going into January followed by a strong spell coming out of the January Transfer market.

  4. Chelsea - Thomas 'two-chains' Tuchel is one of those coaches you cannot count out. I believe that the teams morale with Lukaku out and Sterling in will be a good swing to see Chelsea stay in the Champions League conversation.

  5. Arsenal - Arteta did the unthinkable last year with their turn around. I think we will see an overperforming Arsenal who are largely carried by Gabriel Jesus lack the depth and bench strength to get into the Champiosn League.

  6. Newcastle - They only recorded 2 losses since the new year. That is top 6 level footy. Howe has the strategic knowledge and is backed by his hand picked backroom staff so it is on Newcastle to underperform to not make a top 6 appearance.

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