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Ronnie Brunswijk Might be the Biggest Baller in Soccer history

Vice President of Suriname, Ronnie Brunswijk has done the ultimate baller move by making himself starting Captain at the ripe age of 60. The former convicted Drug Trafficker turned diplomat owns Inter Moengotapoe, and gave himself a whopping 54 minutes in a Tuesday night CONCACAF League game against Olimpia.

Brunswijk had a complicated reputation that long proceeds his diplomacy. On the bill...drug trafficking in Europe...connections to bank robbings and a whole lot more.

His rise to diplomacy came from his local reputation of being philanthropic, kind, and generous to his community. More notably he is known for bringing electricity to Suriname.

This local Robin Hood is not done either. Not only did he Captain the team he owns, Inter Moengotapoe, he made it rain on the crowd by throwing money out of a Helicopter above the stands...what was the score or the game you might ask??? Who cares... Brunswijk 1 - the rest of us 0.

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