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Opinion: Premier League Needs To Shut Down For 21 Days Due To COVID Cases

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The Premier League needs to shut down for 21 days in order to prevent an unfair advantage to the big clubs.

Tottenham and Manchester United have been granted rescheduling of games, while smaller clubs are not being given the same treatment.

The reality that the case load is getting out of hand is clearly evident. The Premier League will be stepping up their protocols to daily testing in efforts to help prevent further shut downs.

The reason this is so unfair is in the most compact part of the season where player management is crucial. Clubs are getting opportunities to rest players.

Let me address the elephant in the room yes...those clubs are dealing with Illness, yes those players need the time off, yes the players safety is paramount. In efforts of fairness the right thing to do is to put a break in place.

This will allow the big surge to pass, without teams benefiting in different ways.

I would also recommend a delay of the transfer market, otherwise clubs like Newcastle will make out like bandits.

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