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Premier League Drama Steps Into High Gear

The second half of the season promises to deliver some juicy moments.

With week 23 out of 38 in the books (for some) I think it's time to just pause for a second and reflect about how nuts this season has been! And to be honest I'm here for it!

The COVID cancelations of games while unfortunate, have provided a pretty wild wrench in the mix. With the likes of Burnley sitting on 3-4 games in hand over the bottom 6 they could easily go from dead last to 17th in just playing the games they need to catch up. This could bury Newcastle as Watford also have a game in hand.

In the top 6 we see similar situations with only really Chelsea playing 24 games. West Ham are sitting in 5th with 27 points, after playing 23...mean while if Arsenal (21 games played), Tottenham (20 games played), Wolves (21 games played). Without even playing a game The Hammers could slip into 8th place... like the mid table team they are.

While who knows when the games will get caught up it adds an element of every game matters that sometimes can slip by mid season...I love it..not gonna lie.

Its not just the COVID reschedules either, we have had a controversial buyout, which appears to be falling flat on its face. United got a substitute coach for the rest of the year.

Steven Gerard out of nowhere grabs Villa and goes on a tear with them.... the drama.

On top of all of that the FA are investigating Arsenal for a potential betting plot... that could see them docked points.

City haven't actually won the Prem yet... I don't know maybe I'm crazy but this has the making for the most dynamic season in a long time.

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