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Paul 'The Problem' Pogba Drama continues

In the middle of a 3 game suspension, a potential season long injury, Paul Pogba is making headlines for demanding a new contract.

With Cristiano Ronaldo's salary being the highest-paid Premier League player, the French national player is demanding to overtake that salary.

Pogba had a tremendous start to the season seeing 4 assists in 4 games, but has been a ghost since then. It is no secret the not so new talent coming back to town has cast a major shadow over Pogba and his performance has followed suit.

The audacity of a player who is suspended for 3 games for a red card for a 2 footed tackle within 15 minutes of coming off the bench, is something out of Eastbound and Down...not the top tier from a highly rated club.

United should bench him, let him not see the field for the entire season and watch him not get paid what he wants anywhere in the world.

This in my opinion is the next Harry Kane style sale where the player thinks their value is far greater then it actually is.

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