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Premier League Managers On The Hot Seat From Day 1

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Coaches going into the 2021/22 season with one foot out of the door.

Jurgen Klopp-

After an astrix of a winning year in the 19/20 campaign, Kopp quickly saw the honeymoon period come to an abrupt end. Somehow still managing to come in 3rd place. In a tumultuous season the Reds find themselves positioned well to go into the season. Anfield, will not put up with the inconsistency they faced last year. That being said Liverpool at one point had to play Jordan Henderson at center back, hopefully a healthy back line will position Liverpools bossman for another premier league title race. The James bond villain lookalike has to prove that in a normal season his team can be a threat, and compete for the title not a last second spot in Europe.

Mikel Arteta-

There is a lot going on at Arsenal right now, with potential takeover by Spotify, at one point the man, myth, legend, Thierry Henry was in talks of buying the club. These distractions do not cover up the shortcoming that is Mikel Arteta. Finishing the season last year in 8th place, Arteta didn't seem too concerned and at one point even indicated he might be too good for the club... by linking himself to jobs at the likes of PSG. Arteta has only dug the club into a Europe-less future. If Arteta doesn't keep the Gunners in contention for the top 4 come December, he will be out the door.

Steve Bruce-

Where to start with the Cabbage Patch kid himself. Steve Bruce may be the least popular coach according to the teams fan base going into the 21/22 season. With a lack of movement in the transfer market, another club speculating a take over, there isn't a lot of hope for the Toon Army this season, and Bruce's demeanor and overall pessimistic attitude is not what the fans want to hear. Steve Bruce goes into the season setting low expectations and rightfully so. I would love to see Bruce get an asset or two that would turn his frown upside down. I think Bruce will bring the club above their previous years performance and cementing him firmly in the driver's seat until a takeover of the club is completed.

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