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Turn On Your Hazards Newcastle Fans...The Money Is Flowing But The Players Aren’t Biting

Newcastle United and fellow Super League team Real Madrid have come to terms on a 41.3m deal for Eden Hazard.

The proposed transfer will see the Belgian international returning to the Prem after a deflating 6 starts at Real Madrid. Newcastle would be attempting to bring the injury prone forward in as their stud player.

At this point Eden has said no thank you, I'm all set with a team in the relegation zone, but there's still time for Hazard's camp and the Magpies to come to terms.

If Hazard truly is not an option he will be the third player this transfer window to decline Newcastle. Man United's Van Der Beek, as well as Anthony Martial have turned down a move to Newcastle.

Newcastle's current approach to the transfer Market is like swiping left on all the players rated above 75 on fifa. We will see if Newcastle can get a deal done in the next two weeks, as they try buy themselves out of the relegation zone!


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