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Opinion: It's A New Year And Man City Have Already Won The Prem!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

New Year same Old Manchester City.

Heading into the New Year Man City have only themselves to beat in order to fudge up this seasons Premier League title. I am writing this as one game still stands in their way... that would be Manchester City traveling to the Emirates.

If Man City walk away from London with 3 more points in the bag that's a wrap. They're world beaters. Currently City are sitting 8 points clear at the top, and everyones only hopes are for City to drop points against the top 4 clubs. City's current goal scoring ability with 51 goals in 20 games is making that seem doubtful.

As a Man United fan it pains me to say this but City are just too good right now...and all the while without a big name striker. I am proposing that City not be allowed to spend any money this transfer market window!

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