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Freshly Promoted Brentford, Norwich, and Watford. Can They survive the Premier League?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Norwich City

Guess who's back...back again??? The Canaries are back...tell a friend! Norwich City spent a brief stint of time back in the Championship. After winning the title last season the Canaries hope to hold on to Todd Cantwell as teams offers continue to fly in.

Coach- Daniel Farke continues to hold the reigns at Norwich, and has done so since 2017. The Norwixh loyalty to Farke has been hot and cold with relegations and promotions over the years. The German manager looks to keep Norwich up this year continuing to keep hold of his position as the Canaries head.

Trash Take - with a lack of incoming transfers I fear Norwich just don't have the talent to be competitive. I do not feel they will be going back down, but they will likely make it interesting. I would anticipate a couple of late loans coming into this squad to help Norwich secure 16th place.


Watford are returning to the Premier League after a year's trip down the ladder in the Championship. With the likes of Ben Foster between the sticks it's expected that Watford are depending greatly on their defensive talent to keep them relevant. With Nuno Espíroto Santo parting ways with the club, it is a little up in the air if they will have the same style of play that helped get them back in the Premier League.

Coach- Xisco Muñoz has some big shoes to fill in the Watford fans eyes. Can the ex winger bring enough to the table to keep the culture of success at the Vicarage Road ground. This will be Xisco's first season in charge of a club...and a pretty reputable club as well.

Trash Take - Too much responsibility with a lack of a proven record here for Watford's very Green coaching staff. It looks to me that Watford will be going down as quick as they came up this season. I would expect the coaching turnover to continue by late January, and the inconsistency will likely take the club down hill with it.


By way of the Championship Playoffs Brentford are joining the Premier League for the first time in club History, "The Bee's" hope to be able to carry on their strong run of form to stay in the Premier League.

Coach - The Denmark native Thomas Frank, has been with Brentford since the 2018 season. His experience largely comed from Denmarks youth system where he coached for 18 years. Frank looks to continue to continue his successes with Brentford. Last Season Frank's Squad was firing on all cylinders and led the Championship in goals for...The Bee's scoring prowess seems to be carrying over as they slot two home against Man United in a Preseason friendly.

Trash Take -It may be wishful thinking but with Brentford ability to score goals I see them staying up and finishing in the 14 spot for this season.

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