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England Fans Turn German Restaurant into "Little Wembley," Down Two Months' Worth of Beer in One Weekend

England Fans Gelsenkirchen

England fans kicked off Euro 2024 with a bang, transforming a quiet Italian restaurant in Gelsenkirchen into a bustling hub dubbed "Little Wembley."

In just one weekend, they downed a staggering 7,500 beers—an amount the restaurant typically sells in two months.

GE Piazza, the unlikely hotspot, was swarmed by tens of thousands of thirsty fans ahead of England's match against Serbia. Manager Umit Yavuz, 43, and his sister Deniz, 38, had a clever trick up their sleeves: Umit donned an England shirt and decorated the restaurant with flags from all 24 competing teams. This move turned their quiet eatery into the go-to spot for footy fanatics.

England Fans Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen, known for its limited entertainment options, saw GE Piazza inundated with fans, selling out 60 kegs of beer over the weekend. Umit said, "This is as busy as we’ve been for a long, long time. Probably since the last time England played here in 2006."

The excitement continued as England beat Serbia 1-0, with fans celebrating late into the night. Clips of jubilant supporters, beers in hand, quickly went viral. As the English fans now head to Frankfurt for their next game, GE Piazza remains the talk of the town, having provided a memorable start to Euro 2024.

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