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David Moyes And Ralph Hasenhuttl are Petty

The West Ham and Southampton managers want to decide who can play on other teams.

As if managing one team wasn't enough, Southampton's Ralph Hasenhuttl has astonishingly come out and said that any new players that are signed in the January transfer window shouldn't be allowed to play in any matches that were previously postponed because of Covid precautions.

This of course is directed at Newcastle United who, after having gained billions of dollars in wealth, have signed the likes of Kieran Trippier and potentially other star players. Newcastle and Southampton's match on January 2 was postponed due to a Covid outbreak within the Toon. Now, with Newcastle to likely be a better team - Hasenhutll doesn't want to play against certain players.

Ahead of the Saints' FA Cup clash with Swansea, he said: "Newcastle could sign new players, we could also sign new players. We should discuss what happens with winter signings and if they are allowed to play. I'm not sure it is fair for them to play in games that have been postponed."

Nothing was said about injured players, or players who had bans because of yellow or red cards. However, reports claim Southampton are pushing the Premier League to act - which will only upset Newcastle supporters more who want to see their club's new signings in action.

Asked about Hasenhuttl's comments, West Ham's David Moyes somehow agreed. He even went so far as to say some teams could use the window to strengthen their squad to cover the difficulty with their fixtures.

Basically - you're using the window to get better and we don't like that... even though we have the same opportunity.

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Jan 08, 2022

Why would this be on the clubs and not the prem? You going to make the players who are sold come back to play too?

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