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Celtic interim report released: Key points

Today, Glasgow Celtic Football Club have released their Interim Report for the previous six months ending December 31, 2021. The first six months of this new project under the helm of new Board members and Ange Postecoglou. This report covers financial activity as well as on pitch performance recap. And to say that affairs at Celtic Park are glowing would appear to be an understatement. These items can all be found directly from the Interim Report on .

In terms of Operational Items, some highlights of report include:

  • Winning the Premier Sports League Cup 21/22

  • UEFA Europa League qualification and group stage participation

  • UEFA Europa Conference League knock-out play-off participation

  • 1st in SPFL Premiership (although excellent, not sure why this was included as this happened after December 31, 2021)

Key Financial Items include:

  • Revenue increased by 29.9% to £52.9m (2020: £40.7m)

  • Profit from trading was £7.0m (2020: loss of £0.3m)

  • Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £25.8m (2020: £1.0m)

  • Profit before taxation of £27.6m (2020: loss of £5.9m)

  • Acquisition of player registrations of £16.8m (2020: £12.7m)

  • Period end net cash at bank of £25.6m (2020: £19.7m)

My thoughts

As a fan, I could not be happier to see this report. Sure, progressing to the knockout stages of the Europa league would have been ideal. I'm sure all Celts are dying to see the Bhoys back fighting in Europe's higher competitions. But the past six months have undoubtedly been superb. Especially in contrast to the 12 prior to those six... The pandemic has also cast such uncertainty and financial turmoil on clubs all around the globe, that to see Celtic rebounding so strongly is a very welcoming sight. One could argue that financial gauges should indicate positive change, as fans were allowed back in stadiums, but that is dismissive to some key takeaways.

The power of the fans is ever-present in this report. The financial numbers show that fans truly are the lifeblood of any side and that without them, the club would falter. It is Bhoys and Ghirls everywhere that dragged the club back from the recesses of financial turmoil. It was the support of the fans and the revenues that they bring, that influx of money aided our club in establishing a solid foundation to build on. A springboard of sorts. The success that we are seeing now is a collective effort of new guidance of board members, a fresh injection of new methods in Ange, new signings, and the financial backing that the fans brought in season ticket purchasing, merchandise, etc. These numbers are fantastic to see but what is glaringly apparent and cannot be understated is the enormous affect that a fanbase can have. Here's to another prosperous six months. HH 🍀

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