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Celt's qualification hopes after 3 matches

Don't write us off just yet!

Ok, so everyone in Group G has now squared off against one another. Tested their metal and after three matches in the books, this is currently where things stand:

With Leverkusen and Betis drawing 1-1 tonight (from a Jeremie Frimpong conceded penalty), it is a result that does not change much for Celtic's ambition to progress in Europe. Sure, putting to bed the demons we had experienced in Ferencvaros was beneficial, but one must not forget that both Leverkusen and Betis are both quite strong teams. To progress, the next round of fixtures is going to require at least two wins from three games. Most ideally those two wins would be against the Hungarian outfit again and Leverkusen. However, if we are to secure a point against Leverkusen and Betis defeats Ferencvaros, things get a bit spicier. And by spicier, I mean a battle to the death between Betis and Glasgow's best team come December.

I don't think I'm being overly optimistic because we just beat Ferencvaros. Qualifying will be tough. Pressure will be high and a couple of injuries could seriously derail our efforts in Europe. But it is possible, and seeing the German and Spanish outfits being being held to draws and being beaten sure doesn't help in trying to not get carried away.


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