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Can Rangnick fix the Fernandes Ronaldo breakdown for United...and Portugal.

With the intro of the German Ralf Rangnick Manchester United faithfuls will be looking to see if the unproven German can get the most out of the Portuguese duo with the hopes to get back in title contention.

The two Portuguese stars have yet to really shine for United or Portugal. With United showing inconsistent runs of form, and showing a slight power struggle between thr two. For reference...see Fernandes PK shank against Aston Villa. With Rangnicks new formation, 4-2-2-2 the Portuguese twosome will be working a lot closer together. This shift in high pressing football has already seen results start coming in for United.

The real question for many is will the appointment of Rangnick bring the two together. Portugal often leave Fernandes out of their starting 11. You'd have to think that the Portugal national squad would be remissed to not follow suit if the duo start meshing before the world cup comes around. Portugal's inconsistent run of form has found them having to play in a do or die game against Turkey on March 24th. So let's see if Rangnick can solve two teams

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