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Bring on Soccertown USA - The USMNT need a home field.

With the World Cup Qualifiers seeing the Men's squad sitting on 11 points (3-2-1). The conversation about the US inconsistent form has the Swift Kicks Crew talking about the inconsistency of a home field playing into it.

The squad travels more than the circus. The theory I have is that the Men's team cannot establish a consistency to give the players the home field advantage.

The players would benefit from a consistent surface, place to stay, fan base, weather expectations, food etc etc the mist can go on. When athletes have been there time and time before they can invision the game better it creates an ability to visualize the game. There are less variables, El Salvadores home field is terrible but they know what to expect and opposing teams struggle with that. The Men's squad is inconsistent in a lot of things, the place they're playing should not be.

The argument against this presented itself in the U.S. Men's National Teams Facebook group. A group that has over 22k followers. The group was surveyed and the results were overwhelmingly against having one home location for the US team. Most referenced the size of the US team was unpractical in comparison to other countries. There were a lot of references to the impact it would have on the fan base. Too many people would miss out on the US experience.

An interesting concept that was brought up was that the US could consider having 2 or 3 locations that would host the US, as a means to spread the love for the fanbase.

Overall, I'm still of the thought process that while sharing the love is great for fans, it is not designed for the team. The only thing better for the fans is a winning squad. A centralized location would ideally be mid country Columbus, Cincinati, or Chicago (Snow and All) would be a good place to start. A steady fan base, a regular experience for our players would add to the experience essentially every game for the Men's team is a road game, let's bring on Soccertown USA.

The hosts of the US Soccer Qualifiers so far this year.

Columbus- field - 20,165 (sold out) USA 2 v Costa Rica 1

Austin- Q2 Stadium - 20,500 (sold out)

USA 2 V Jamaica 0

Nashville- Nissam Stadium - 43,000 fans (69,143) USA 1 v Canada 1

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