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Boot Review: ADIDAS Predator Edge

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A look at the latest edition of Adidas' iconic boot.

The day has come. The coveted time where Adidas releases their latest iteration of the famous Predator boot. This is a day that many have been waiting for and as being one of the most iconic and long-lasting boot models of any brand to be still kicking around (pun intended), it is not surprising to see the hype that surrounds the Predator being demonstrated in full force by adidas. But what do we make of the boot subjectively? I'm glad you asked. Because that is just what I'll be digging into in this article.

For a little backstory, the Predator has been around since 1994 and donned by some of the greatest players to have graced our beautiful game. Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Raul, Allesandro Del Piero, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Frank Lampard, Juan Riquelme, Patrick Kluivert, Robin Van Persie, Xavi, Mesut Ozil, Michael Ballack, Patrick Vieira... you see where I'm going here, there are some incredible names. If I ran my numbers correctly, the Predator Edge marks the 20 iteration of the Predator model to have been released. Not many boots have a lifespan lasting that long (minus the 2015-2017 hiatus).

However, as a Predator aficionado, I cannot help but be underwhelmed with the latest model in the Edge. Having not played in these yet, there are a number of reasons why these boots seem to come up short for me. I will list them below in some bite-sized points, from the minute details, aesthetics, to the superfluous:

  • The release colorway of the Predator should ALWAYS be the traditional Black/Red/White. No exceptions.

  • This boot seems to have taken far too much inspiration from the 2012 Predator model, the LZ. I get that this can perhaps be viewed as a 10 year anniversary of that boots release, but to base an entire model off of past technologies and conceptions comes across to me as a lack of ideas and repetition. Even down to the same launch colorways. I'll let you decide here...

  • When it comes to lace-less boots, lockdown is being sacrificed. There is no way around that. Eliminating the customization that laces provide will sacrifice the lockdown of the boots. While adidas have been improving this technology over time, this collar construction really looks ill-fitting to me. The height and contours just imply that the fit is not great. Won't know this until a test run.

  • The upper looks to be quite stiff. With those long ribs of rubber, I would have to imagine that the flexibility of this boot is minimal, which will lead to pressure points and an overall ill-fitting boot. The previous two models of Predator had DemonSkin fins that were spread out across the upper, making for a more flexible boot (but not by much). Again, will have to try to confirm.

  • I'm so incredibly tired and numb to adidas tweaking next to nothing on their soleplates and giving them completely new names. This year's name is the FACETFRAME. Which appears to offer near the exact stud configuration and shape as previous models, minus extremely minute angles. This soleplate also reintroduces the old technology concept of Power Pulse, with a small added weight incorporated into the toe of the soleplate to add momentum to your striking of the ball, thus increasing power. My issue with this is the execution and lack of data available to the consumer. I understand the concept, but I want to know the amount of added weight, and the percentage of power that it helps to generate or increase. I want data backing why this boot is superior in shooting, not just smoke and mirrors of marketing.

These are some of my initial issues with the boot, but that is not to say that this is an inherently bad boot. I am excited to get my feet into these and take them for a spin, but I just wish adidas stuck a bit more to their roots and went with something a bit more original.

What do you think? Let us know!

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Jan 28, 2022

Will these be released in all white?

Feb 01, 2022
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